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For over 30 years, Countax has led the way in the design and manufacture of garden tractors and ride on lawn mowers. They are the preferred choice for gardens featuring large lawns, orchards, paddocks and slopes.

Countax garden tractors are all year-round garden utility vehicles. They are designed to cut and collect wet grass, remove lawn debris, create the perfect striped lawn finish, or tackle the tallest nettles and brambles. The unique Powered Grass Collector Plus (PGC+) system can accept multiple garden and lawncare cassettes – each one extending the use of your tractor.

With a Countax tractor mower, you can achieve total garden care whatever the weather or season.


Countax garden tractors have a worldwide reputation as fine ride-on mowers, capable of delivering a great cut and a great mowing experience for medium to large gardens. With outstanding product quality and reliability, a Countax lawn tractor features one of the best cut and collect systems in the world, enabling wet grass to be cut and fully collected without clogging, as well as creating the perfect striped lawn finish.

Year-round garden care can be achieved through an extensive range of accessories including the PGC+, Powered Grass Collector, scarifier or broadcast spreader. There is a Countax ride-on mower to suit all garden types and sizes – available in two or four-wheel drive formats with various cutter deck and accessory options.

Cut and Collect System

Countax’s cutting and collection system is unmatched for its ability to cut shorter and collect fully, even in the wet.

Most ‘riding lawn mowers’ rely on air flow created by the cutting blades to throw clippings into the grass catcher. Not only is this system noisy and inefficient, but even slightly damp grass can clog the deck and collection chute. Apart from the risk of a ‘green arm’ from constant manual unclogging; with nowhere else left to go, clippings can back-up into the cutting deck, leaving unsightly trails of cut grass on your lawn. Before long, the dog (or maybe the children) have walked the damp clippings back into the house.The Countax cut and collection system works in a better way. The three hardened-steel blades found in the heavy duty Countax XRD deck are contra-rotating and throw the clippings to the rear of the deck. The ejected grass is swept up by the spinning brushes of the grass sweeper.

This means that even wet grass is fully collected and the integrated lawn roller leaves behind deep, contrasting stripes for an immaculate British lawn finish. The flexible bristles of the sweeper help to aerate and stimulate the grass plant, overtime helping to condition the lawn, limiting thatch and moss.

There is a Grass Sweeper available for all Countax garden tractors. C & B Series tractor can be fitted with a 300 litre PGC+.

PGCE+ Cassette System (C and B System)

The Countax PGC+ has been specifically designed for the British garden. This accessory which is connected to the tractor’s power take-off, allows a range of interchangeable cassettes to be fitted to it, to achieve a range of garden tasks. There is no need to purchase standalone equipment, saving you both time and money.

It is more than just a grass collector, it transforms the Countax C or B Series garden tractor into a multi-use, year-round workhorse.

Part of a cassette system, the PGC+ comes with a Grass Sweeper cassette fitted as standard. It makes a quick and efficient job of sweeping up and collecting grass clippings and leaves, even when the grass is wet.

There’s also an optional Scarifier cassette for removing and collecting thatch and moss in one action. 

Lawn Striping

Countax believe that you should not have to compromise on the quality of the finish of your lawn for the speed and convenience of a ride-on lawnmower. Many British gardeners seek a striped finish for their main lawn.

Not only do stripes look smart, they can also give the illusion of a longer, greener lawn plus they provide the high quality finish that many customers desire.

Stripes are created by the contrasting shades of grass laid flat in one direction and then again in the opposite direction.

This effect can be difficult to accomplish with a conventional rotary ride-on mower. Often a separate pass with a heavy lawn roller or ‘striping kit’ is required and results can be mixed.

A Countax tractor works in a different way to other machines. It leaves a striped finish every time thanks to a heavy roller mounted in the PGC or PGC+ unit which produces the quintessentially English striped lawn finish. The unique action of the sweeping brushes enhances the striping effect further. A Countax stripes a lawn every time with a single pass of the collector.

High Grass Mulching

Make short work of tall grass, brambles and nettles

When the going gets really tough, the Countax High Grass Mulching (HGM) deck is in a class of its own.

Using the same principles as an agricultural mulcher, the HGM deck is capable of cutting thick, long grass, brambles, thistles and scrub. Chains located at the front and rear prevent the grass from being completely flattened and stop it escaping before being cut. Six hardened-steel mulching blades cut multiple times, with the resulting mulch left on the ground to decompose.

The deck fits the C60, C80, B65-4WD and B255-4WD.

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COUNTAX "C" Series Garden Tractors

COUNTAX "C" Series Garden Tractors

C 60
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C 80 C1100103 model still available

COUNTAX B Series 4WD Garden Tractors

COUNTAX B Series 4WD Garden Tractors

B65 4WD
B255 4WD

COUNTAX Garden Tractor Accessories

COUNTAX Garden Tractor Accessories

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