ROVER Pro Cut 750 Lawn Mower

Pro Cut 750 still available

The Rover Pro Cut 750 self propelled lawn mower features a powerful 173cc Rover OHV engine, durable 48cm (19") strengthened alloy deck and FOUR high lift swing back blades which make it ideal for mowing small to medium areas with fine through to thicker rough grass. The 750 boasts self propulsion for effortless mowing and also features a mulch plug,variable throttle and a large 65L polymer catcher with fill indicator. The blade brake clutch feature stops the cutting blades from spinning while the engine continues to run giving you a safe way to empty the catcher or remove debris from your cutting path.

Suitable for small to medium lawns, this self-propelled collecting mower comes with a mulch plug as standard
This shreds the clippings particularly finely so that they wilt away into the surface of the lawn, giving a great finish while also acting as a natural fertiliser.

Constructed around the 19" strengthened alloy deck, Rover's Pro Cut 750 is a durable machine, backed up by a heavy duty gearbox. The 173cc Loncin engine on board powers the self-propelled drive, which ensures you don't have to push the machine around the garden.

The cutting blades swing back to protect the engine from "shock stop" damage, and a blade brake clutch allows you to safely empty clippings without having to stop the engine. For a particularly smooth drive, this model also features ball bearing wheels. 

Able to collect or mulch, the Pro Cut 750 lets you get just the right finish for your lawn. For collecting, a 65 litre polymer catcher is included, featuring a fill indicator that makes it clear exactly when the clippings need to be collected.

  • SKU: 12A-VE3LE333
  • Engine: Loncin 173cc
  • Deck: 19"
  • Engine Brake: No
  • Blade Brake Clutch: Yes
  • Catcher: 65L
  • Mulch Plug: Yes
  • Deck Wash: No
  • Self Propelled: Yes
  • Key Start: No
  • Wheels: 20cm (8") ball bearing wheels for improved manoeuvrability
  • Shipping Weight: 38 kg

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