MANTIS Electric Chainsaw

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The Mantis Electric Chainsaw is light, powerful and quiet, and it gets the job done. In other words, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from Mantis, in this chainsaw.

While it's ultra light at just 4.8 kg, it is anything but light on features!

Powerful 2400W / 230V motor makes short work of the biggest jobs.

18" / 45 cm "Oregon" high-torque, high-speed chrome chain and bar for superior cutting performance with less vibration.

Perfectly balanced for fatigue-free operation.

Large, ergonomically correct fell handle maintains the saw in a stable position and guarantees comfortable chain or bar changes.

Patented tool-free chain tensioning system with automatic chain lubrication for quick, hassle-free maintenance.

Inertial anti-kickback and run-off brake for consistently safe, comfortable cutting.

Nylon-coated and aluminium reinforced high-grade gears support heavy-duty use and maximum endurance.

Over-molded grip provides hand comfort, even during the toughest cutting.

Weighs just 4.8 kg, but it’s anything but light on features.

4.8 kg

2400W / 230V electric motor

Blade / Chain
Chain Length 18" / 45 cm
Blade pitch 3/8” / 0.95 cm
Automatic chain lubrication

High grade, nylon-coated, aluminum reinforced

90-day money-back

2 years

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