Tomcat pellets/blocks

vv13513   2.5kg
vv13513   5kg pellets
vv13518   4kg blocks


Technical information - Tomcat 2 Rodent Pellets
- Active Ingredient Bromadiolone
- Highly Economical
- Moisture Resistant
- Extremely Pallatable
- Ideal For Placing In Rat Burrows.
- Priced Each But Sold In Multiples


Technical information - Highly Palatable
- Active Ingredient Bromadiolone
- For Indoor And Outdoor Use
- Produced In Convenient Easy To Use Blocks
- For Use In All Weather Conditions
- Allows For Placement Directly Into The Burrows
- Priced Each But Sold As Multiples
Unit Each
Qty. Rounding 4
Weight (-kg) 1.8

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