MANTIS Cordless Hedgetrimmer

8550-01-38 still available

Introducing the shape of things to come.
The new lightweight Mantis battery powered hedge trimmer
features a Swivel-Click™ handle that adjusts to any angle, while a long-lasting lithium-ion battery provides the power.

Includes Battery, Charger, and Blade Cover

Swivel-Click handle swivels 180º for easy, comfortable horizontal and vertical cuts without changing your position.

Lightweight, 2.9 kg

Cutting length 500mm with a maximum cutting gap up to 20mm.

24 V Lithium-Ion cordless power, mobile and independent from mains, provides up to 60 minutes of working time.

Extremely well-balanced weight distribution

Patented innovative front handle to optimise hedge forming and styling – non-fatigue operation

Reciprocating shrub shears blades, laser cut, diamond ground and tin-plated

Sharp laser cut and diamond ground double acting blades (for low vibration) are zinc-coated against corrosion.

Battery recharges fully in about 3-5 hours

2.9 kg / 6 lbs.

ECO Switch manages battery duration.
Select HIGH for tougher jobs (45 minute duration) or ECO for smaller jobs (60 minute duration).
Recharges in approximately 3-5 hours

500 mm / 20" blades
Cuts branches up to 20 mm / 3/4" thick
Sharp, laser cut, diamond ground reciprocating blades (for low vibration).
Zinc-coated against corrosion.

90-day money-back

2 years

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