PELLENC Handheld Blower


Pellenc Airion Blower: An extremely quiet and lightweight blower

The Pellenc Airion blower can be used near noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools, camp sites, towns, etc. It is also perfectly suitable as a cleaning tool for roads alongside sweepers at any time of the day and it works just as effectively as a replacement for the traditional sweeper in towns as it does in parks and gardens.

Max. power - W 750
Heat engine equivalence – cm³ 20
Weight - kg 2,6
Air flow rate - m³/h 730
Max. airflow (without nozzle) - m³/h 880
Air speed - m/sh 61
Noise level (LpA)* - dB(A)) 80 (78 actual)
Guaranteed sound level (LwA)* - dB(A) 92 (89 actual)
Pressure level at 15 metres (ANSI) - dB(A) 65 (59 actual)
Vibration level (ah)** - m/s² less than or equal to 2.5 (0.7 actual)
4-speed selector switch Series production
Round nozzle Series production
Battery life*** with ULiB 1100 Up to 5 hours

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