Anti-Contamination Funnels

Fuel filters

Contamination from dirt or water is practically unavoidable in stored fuel, and the resulting microbial growths, acids and rusting can clog filters and corrode components, causing decreased efficiency and potentially engine shut down.

Mr Funnel’s fuel filters are heavy duty, anti-static, fast flow funnels with built in filter technology.

When the fuel is poured through the fuel filter, water and debris will not pass through the filter.

Sump area collects the deflected water and debris for proper disposal.

Suitable for use with, Diesel, Petrol, Heating Oil, Kerosene and 2-stroke mixed fuel.
Flow rates                             diameter
litres per minute
    9.5                                         89mm
   13.25                                     139mm
   19                                          216mm
   45.5                                       216mm   

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