WESSEX Country 10 ton Tractor Mounted Logsplitter

LS 100

LS-100 Tractor Mounted Logsplitter

The British-built LS100 logsplitter from Wessex Country turns a chore into an enjoyable task! With up to 10 ton of splitting force at its disposal, the LS100 handles logs up to 18” / 450mm height effortlessly.



Weight 65kg
Dimensions - Height 1450 mm
Width 850 mm
Depth 590 mm
Linkage Cat 1
Pipe fittings ½ inch quick release probes

Logsplitting - it's a boring, time-consuming chore that proves the old saying 'wood warms you twice'.  Use a splitting wedge and a sledgehammer and you run the risk of 2lb of metal flying at speed through the air and hitting you on the shin, or injuring nearby persons or objects. 

That's why the Wessex Country LS-100 logsplitter is one of the most popular products we sell.  Strong, simple, and a quick, easy fit to any tractor with a category 1 three-point linkage, the LS-100 powers through logs effortlessly, with up to 10 ton of hydraulic splitting force (depending on tractor hydraulics).

A floor-level splitting bed means it's easy to position logs into place, while two-handed operation keeps the user safe.  Don't waste any more time splitting logs by hand - let the Wessex Country LS-100 do your job for you.

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